Cats Company

A poem by Martha Kane

Three little faces staring my way,
owned by three little cats who came to stay.
And if you're thinking that cats are all the same,
then you had better read on and then ...think again.

Duchess -- eleven years old.

Duchess is a lady, i can't deny the fact.
With all her airs and graces,she's the perfect little brat.
From the very first day she defended her domain.
Oh ! the way she carries on, it's a wonder I'm still sane.
Her mind is unpredictable, she insists on being free.
The only thing consistent, is the love she has for me.
It's hard to describe, her there's not much that i can say,
accept that she is headstrong and nearly always gets her way.

Sylvester --- five years old.

Sylvester is an enigma, yet he really is quite grand.
When he came he brought along with him an imaginary friend.
He looks somewhat like a rabbit and acts just like a dog.
That's when he's not using furniture, as a scratching log.
He can't quite figure out what he wants to be,
i guess he is still young ,so we'll just have to wait and see.
I tell him he'd be quite suited to become "man of the house",
if only he would change his mind about becoming mighty mouse.

Speckles ---- nineteen years old

Speckles was a street cat who depended on her luck.
She boasts that she's been courted by every Tom cat on the block.
Some of her descendants decorate the street,
popping in to visit when they want something to eat.
Her teeth are falling out now and she's getting rather fat.
Affectionately I've nicknamed her, "my rolly polly cat".
After her years of popularity she makes one thing crystal clear.
I should count myself darn lucky that "she's" retired here.

And what of me ???

The house that i once cherished no longer looks so fine.
There is not a room within it, which is designated "mine".
Through the years we've battled cat flu, furballs, worms but mostly flees.
It might possibly have been easier to sail the seven seas !
But one thing i 'am quite sure of ,and this i say with certainty.
Few things in life beat the warmth i feel ............when I'm in cats company.