Each cat eats half a tin of wet food + a small bowl of ( good quality ) dried food per day.

Cat Food per day
Qty of dried food 2 bags a 15 kilos. LM 30 per day.
Qty of wet food 75 tins a 420 grams. LM 15 per day
Total per day LM 45.00 / Approx 105 Euro's.
Neutering fees per cat
Treatment Males Females
Neutering 35 Euro's 60 Euro's
Post operative antibiotic treatment € 4 € 4
Total per cat € 39 € 64

All cats are de wormed , de flea' d, and treated for earmites on a regular basis at the cost of Approx 10 Euro's per cat.

How much is a Euro (€)? How much is a Maltese Lira (LM)?

As you can see, the expense is great but on such a small island the help I can get is very limited therefore the personal hardship is considerable.

Here are some items that I desperately need to have since trying to borrow them here is very difficult and they are not sold here at all.

  1. One cat trap with an extension.
  2. One large recovery cage for convalescent cats.
  3. One restrainer cage with side entrance for very difficult cases.

The cats could also do with some heavy duty plastic kennels which can be bought here but are too costly for me to afford. At the moment I use big cardboard boxes which are fine until it rains (which it does quite a lot of here).

As you can see:

We really need you
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